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Visiting Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro

By - Posted on 05.04.2016

Near the city of San Teodoro in Oriental Mindoro area of Mindoro Island you will find Barangay Villaflor which is where the famous natural wonder Tamaraw Falls can be visited.

This majestic beauty is one of the many natural wonders to see here on Mondoro Island and is 423ft (128.3m) tall.


Tamaraw Falls History

According to Tamaraw falls history, the falls are named after the Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo called the Tamaraw. These are native only to the island of Mindoro. Unfortunately now the Tamaraw are on the critically endangered species list due to hunting, logging and human habitation. Because of this, a Special Proclamation was signed in 2004, making October 1 a special holiday in Mindoro celebrating Tamaraw Conservation Month.

What Is Tamaraw Falls

You will find that these falls are a series of smaller waterfalls that combine and make up the larger waterfall that flows down the mountain into a refreshing pool below.


You can use the public area at the foot of the falls where guests of the falls can be refreshed in the cool and clean water. You will also find picnic huts, and shower rooms. Entrance is P 25 per person. I think it’s an excellent location to put your video and photography skills to the test like I did below.

How To Go To Tamaraw Falls

Getting there is easy with several options to choose from. The falls are located 13km outside of Puerto Galera or about a 40 minute drive. There are several modes of transportation that you can use to get to Tamaraw Falls. The most popular options are (in no particular order):

  • Taking a Jeepney
  • Hiring a Trike
  • Private Van
  • Rent a Motorbike

Let’s talk about each option to see which would be best for you.

Taking a Jeepney to Tamaraw Falls

You can catch a Jeepney going to Calapan from Puerto Galera or the reverse. Keep in mind Jeepney’s may be overcrowded and packed, which during the hot season can be quite uncomfortable. You will find that the price to get to Tamaraw Falls by Jeepney is inexpensive and is a good way to go there if you have several people in your group but want to keep costs down.

Hiring a Trike to Tamaraw Falls

A slightly better option would be to hire a trike which will give you your own space to ride in but if you have several people each one would have to rent their own trike or double up on each one. This option will give you some more flexibility as you can talk to the driver to stop any place along the way so you have some more wiggle room to have more freedom on your trip.

Taking a Private Van to Tamaraw Falls

If you have several people in your party, then it makes more sense to rent a van or vans to take you out there which will cost anywhere from 2000 to 2500PHP which does include the drivers fee and you can arrange to have them pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

Rent a Motorbike To Go To Tamaraw Falls

If you would like to go it alone then you can always rent a motorbike and set out on curvy roads through the mountains. This gives you the most flexibility of all as you can explore not just the falls but the places along the way at your own discretion. This is our favorite way to do it when there is only a few of us.


BADLADZ Can Help You Organize Your Tamaraw Falls Tour

If you’re staying at one of the BADLADZ properties, we would be delighted to help you book your tour or rent you bikes for your adventure.

We welcome all trekking enthusiasts and their group events to BADLADZ and look forward to hosting more adventure seekers in the future. Regardless how you decide to go there, we’re always here to give you the best advice based on what kind of budget and comforts you need.

To contact us to arrange your stay at one of our BADLADZ Resorts, choose which resort you want to stay at for your next stay in Puerto Galera or for a more independent experience check out our BADLADZ Apartments.



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