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Visiting Infinity Farm in Baco Oriental Mindoro

By - Posted on 06.07.2016

Infinity Farm is one of the best tourist spots in Puerto Galera and the great thing is it is not too far away from the BADLADZ Resorts.

When people ask me, “Where to Go in Puerto Galera?”, I often respond with the Infinity Farm as one of the many places I recommend.


Infinity Farm Video

Check out the video we made the last time we took a trip there…

Out here at Infinity Farm in Baco, on the way to Calapan City, you will find clean air, plenty of shade and mountain water that is fresh and fun to relax in.

As you walk along the river, or relax in a nice spot you’ve found, you will find the background noise of the water cascading down the stream is both relaxing and refreshing from city life.

You will find several areas that have little pools, rapids and small falls where you can find a spot to hang out and enjoy nature. As you walk up the trail, you will find plenty of spots to hang out or explore in.


I’ve always said that this is one of the great places to visit in Puerto Galera or just outside of it as there is a little something for everyone to enjoy when you go there. The adventurous or the unadventurous alike.

Those who are not too adventurous, you will find an excellent spot at the landing where you arrive for you to relax in without having to hike anywhere. Seniors and toddlers will find it a great spot to hang out in so you don’t have to walk up the trail.


One of the many cool places to visit in Puerto Galera.

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