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Puerto Galera Nightlife – Party at the Bars in Puerto Galera

When it comes to the Puerto Galera nightlife, there are many exciting options to choose from.

Staying up till the early hours of the morning is a simple task as there are ample opportunities for entertainment. It doesn’t have to break the bank either, as the Philippines is very cheap. You can stay out all night for little more than the price of a meal back home.

Most bars and nightlife options are focused around the two main tourist areas – Sabang and White Beach.

Puerto Galera Nightlife in Sabang

Sabang is one of the numerous barangays (small town) in the area of Puerto Galera. It’s packed with nightlife and bar options and only 10 minutes on a motorbike from Badladz.

During the evening, Sabang is busy with activity. If you’re searching for a place to drink, you don’t have to go far. The most popular bars are a little way back from the beach, but they are very easy to find.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening in a first class restaurant, cheap drinks in a bikini bar or a wild night dancing, Sabang has you covered.

The main street is lined with bars, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and hot dog stalls. Drinks are generally inexpensive and widely available. Options include ice cold beers, milkshakes, juice, soda and water.

Most nights, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear live music somewhere, often reggae or an acoustic set. It’s worth finding the bar and having a listen as very talented musicians frequent Sabang.

As far as Puerto Galera nightlife goes, Sabang focuses on the girly bar scene. While the bars come and go regularly, there is usually 5 or 6 bars to choose from where you can watch hot Filipina girls strut their stuff. The drinks are cheaper than the main cities, though more expensive than the ordinary bars.

Narrow walkways allow easy passage to and from each venue. Sabang is a great place for bar hopping with each bar being within a minute’s walk of the others.

While you’re enjoying the Puerto Galera nightlife and bars, make sure you try the Mindoro Sling! It’s a deadly concoction typically made with vodka or rum and should be consumed slowly 😉

If you’re in Sabang during the day, many of the restaurants are open, as well as open-air bars and boutique stalls. During the high season, there are also floating bars in the bay which make for an exciting experience in tropical paradise. Catch the ferry or swim right up to it.

The floating bars are a very different experience if you’ve usually spent most of your time in typical bars. The bar literally floats upon the bay and comes complete with tables, drinks, food and videoke. It’s a big hit with many tourists, especially people who come here for the Puerto Galera diving.

Puerto Galera Nightlife in White Beach

White BeachWhite Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Galera, particularly with Filipino tourists. From March through May, hundreds populate the beach and when Holy Week arrives, that number increases to the thousands.

For Puerto Galera nightlife and bars, White Beach is the more family-oriented option, especially when compared with Sabang. Like Sabang, it’s 10 minutes away on a motorbike from the most relaxed Puerto Galera resort, Badladz Adventure Resort.

During the day, people convene on the beach for volleyball, massages, sunbathing, swimming and jetskis. At night, the bars and restaurants fill up with partygoers. Again, it’s a great place for bar hopping and you can dance away the night. At dawn, sit on the beach and watch one of the best sunrises in the Philippines!

Many of the Puerto Galera bars in White Beach also serve the infamous Mindoro Sling. There are also a number of tattoo parlors and souvenir stores.

Fortunately, Puerto Galera weather doesn’t change a thing. The party goes on; rain, hail or shine.

Accommodation in Puerto Galera

If you’re coming here to enjoy the Puerto Galera nightlife, stay at Badladz Beach Resort or BADLADZ Dive Resort.

Go here to make your reservation for either location.


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