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Paragliding in Puerto Galera Philippines at Domingo Fly Site

By - Posted on 02.04.2016

A lot of people may not realize it but paragliding is starting to really pick up in the Philippines. Many pilots are now choosing Philippines as their cheap paragliding winter retreat replacing the Nepal destinations that so many have been used to in the past.

Philippines held the PGAWC accuracy world championship in March 2015. There was a total of 51 pilots from 12 different countries made two valid rounds in two days despite the strong wind conditions.

Our good friend Jimmy Giroux from Adrenaline Dealer and Steve Millard of the Paragliding Philippines Blog came out to BADLADZ Beach Resort for a few days and brought their wings out with them to go out to a new site on the mountain behind the resort.


This new site is not a “drive up and fly” type of site. You will have to drive up the mountain about 10-15 minutes and then it is another 30+ minutes trek through the jungle and at often times near vertical inclines.


Paragliding at the Domingo Fly Site

This site is known as the Domingo Fly Site. When you’re at the altitude of launch, you’re approximately 600m (2000 ft) above sea level with fantastic views all around Mondoro Island. You can choose which side you want to fly from as you’ll be at the crest of the mountain.

Getting Up the Mountain

Entrance is at the access road to the hospital in Puerto Galera. You will want to go to the road construction company’s administration office and get a permit to go up the mountain. You will have to leave your ID with them until you return with your permit that gets you through all the armed guards on the way up the mountain.

You will drive approximately 10-15 minutes up the mountain in powdered dirt so prepare for your vehicle to get dusty, especially if you’re following a Jeepney.

Once you come upon the village at the top of the road, you will want to find the church to park at. This is where you will start your trek. If you talk to the local villagers where you park your vehicle, you might even be able to hire porters for 200-300 PHP per person to help you carry your gear and guide you up.


I cannot describe the path up from here as there are times where it isn’t clear where the path is especially if you haven’t been up the mountain before. There is an opening about half way up that has an abandoned village where there are a few makeshift huts with straw and tin roofs.



The cool thing is you’ll have some great views on the way up peering through the trees overlooking some of the coast line on the island.


Two Clear Openings

There are a couple of different spots on the mountain you can go to that have large grassy openings on the side of the mountain. If you go to the first one, this is facing the west which means you would be flying towards White Beach or Muelle Puerto Galera Pier.




If you go to the second one up at the top of the mountain, you can choose which way to fly, but this is the one that will allow you to go east and head towards BADLADZ Beach Resort and land on the beach.


Of course you could also get caught up in high winds if you’re so daring to fly during that time and get sucked over the mountain the opposite direction you intended to originally fly.

Steve Paragliding in Puerto Galera

Steve has been paragliding in the Philippines for some time now and even has a blog about Philippines paragliding.

Steve gave it a go first. He pulled out his mini wing first as the winds were too strong to fly his normal wing at the time. The winds were about 20 – 25 kmph this particular day.

Steve was able to get in three different flights with his Ozone Zero 17 mini wing. On his first flight he had a quick snappy take off and was able to maneuver around a few times before setting back down in the bowl for a total of 30+ seconds of flying.

His second go didn’t fare out so well and he was quickly drug down the back of the slope about 10 meters before he could regain control of his canopy. The winds were definitely proving to be a bit of a challenge.

Steve gave it another go and his third attempt was much more successful compared to the previous two and managed to stay up much longer than his first flight.

Jimmy Giroux from Adrenaline Dealer Paragliding in Puerto Galera

Jimmy has been paragliding in the Philippines recently too and on our first trip up to the Domingo Fly Site he made the trek well worth it.

On Jimmy’s first and only attempt that day he was able to get in quite a flight. Since the winds were so strong he decided to take off down the slope and go for a landing on the beach at the BADLADZ Beach Resort.


Jimmy shared his flight on his Facebook wall showing his route that took him to the BADLADZ Beach Resort Small Tabinay Beach landing spot.


Unfortunately we didn’t have anyone at the landing site on the beach to get the landing and Jimmy’s camera battery died before he made it.

More on Paragliding in the Philippines

Since paragliding is becoming an ever popular increasing activity here in the Philippines, we thought we’d add a few resources here for you to further explore. Of course keep in mind we have no affiliation by any of these resources and cannot personally endorse them though they did come recommended by Jimmy.

Manila Paragliding Club Facebook Group

You can find the Manila Paragliding Club Facebook Group here. There are not a lot of members at this time but as you can imagine this will grow over time. Especially as this sport starts to organize more and picks up more press i the mainstream media outlets.

Sarangani Paraglide Facebook Page

Sarangani Paraglide has 2 Facebook Profiles (just search Sarangani Paraglide in Facebook) and they also have a business page.

Safii Ranch Paragliding flysite, Sitio Seguil, Brgy Tinoto, Maasim, Sarangani Province is located adjacent to General Santos City. Saffi is just 25 minutes away from the closest airport of General Santos and about 30-minutes from the city of General Santos.

Air Sport Adventures Philippines (ASAP)

ASAP is a group of air sports enthusiasts who promote air sports in the Philippines. They also advise on air sports gear and teach courses through their organization. To quote them from their website, they are self described as…

Air Sports Adventure Philippines (ASAP) promotes paragliding, speedflying, power kiting and paramotoring. Considered to be a new breed of sports, we provide information, training, retail, air show exhibition and club development in the sport of flying. Paragliding is our specialty, supplying our customers with quality gear and equipment. Established in 2005, our aim is to fulfill all your needs and inquiries regarding air sports in the Philippines.

ASAP is based in Manila, Philippines, with affiliations located in Daet, Bicol and Sarangani province. We are constantly in motion to explore new fly sites and to discover potential playground for air sports.

You can contact them through their website to learn more about how you can get involved in the various air sports they participate in.

Paragliding Earth

Paragliding Earth is a great website to find fly sites around the world. Below is a snapshot of the paragliding fly sites in the Philippines.


You can find individual fly sites at the links below on Paragliding Earth’s website.


BADLADZ Beach Resort Group Events

Like group divers, we at BADLADZ have also now taken an interest in those who like to paraglide too. We would be happy to host you and your group at the beach resort while you come out to Mondoro to paraglide.

There are 3 flight sites now in Mindoro that we’re tracking to include one in Sabang, Kasay Beach Flight Park and the above mentioned Domingo Fly Site.

If you would like to learn more about how you can book you and your group, contact us via email or give us a call.


Now over to you. Do you have any other recommended resources for paragliding in the Philippines? Send us an email with your recommendations and we’d be happy to take a look and see if we can incorporate that into this resource.

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