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By - Posted on 01.10.2015


In July 2015 BADLADZ we were very happy to welcome INDI DIVERS to PUERTO GALERA. Indi divers are run by Pete Dawson. Born in Newcastle England, Pete has been based out of Perth Australia for the last eight years. His part time passion is to take groups of divers to many exotic locales four or five times a year.

This was his first excursion to the Philippines and he swears he’ll be back!

Check out the video of their stay below and read on to see how they spent their days enjoying diving, the food, relaxing and a little night life.

The group consisted of 28 divers and 1 lovely girl who just wanted to sit on the beach and read 😉 They came together from many countries, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and arrived by private boat from Batangas walking right onto the beach in front of Badladz Beach Resort. It was a beautiful day with flat seas and bright sunshine. Everyone dumped their bags, literally, and headed to the pool for a few ice cold beers.

Lots of fun and laughter was coming from the pool area as they all made new friends.


The next morning was time for some serious diving. We provided 4 dive boats each one with a private guide on board and off they went, each to their own dive site. Gavin, Morris, Christian and Ariel are all very experienced dive guides with knowledge bordering on that of Marine Biologists! If there is a creature, critter or coral on the dive they will know what it is.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different critters to see here but some of the more “special” things the group got to see were Pygmy seahorse, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipe fish, green turtles, Hawksbill turtles and many more. My personal favorite is the mimic octopus, this is one cool critter. Being able to change its shape to mimic other animals as a defense mechanism. The group were lucky enough to see them on 2 different dive sites.

Puerto Galera is a top spot for a photographer with some amazing macro dives but if you are not so interested in taking a shot we have some exhilarating drift dives where you really feel like you are flying. I like to think of it as sky diving under water.


Everyone was very happy to find out that the BADLADZ staff would carry all of their equipment onto the boat, so all they had to do is relax, enjoy the day and the diving. Two dives in the morning then back to the dive shop for some welcome lunch then two more dives in the afternoon to finish off their first day of diving. The night however, was just beginning!

It was playtime at BADLADZ Beach Resort with dinner and some more ice cold beverages. Most of the guests just sat back, relaxed and chatted about the cool things they got to see that day. Some of the more adventurous souls headed out to Sabang for some night life. Sorry, but we cannot print those hilarious stories here!

Day after day was pretty much the same. Fun, Fun, Fun !

After a hearty buffet breakfast, everyone is ready for four or five more fun packed dives. Everyone is already settled in to the exciting routine by now and both guests and staff are just having a ball!DSC_3118

We gave the group the delightful option to have a day trip to Verde island. Home to more species of fish and coral than the Great Barrier Reef, this area has been found to be the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the WORLD with more different species per square meter than any other dive site In the world.

As you can imagine the diving was Awesome!

This is a 2 dive trip to some of the best diving in the Philippines and finishes off with a delicious BBQ lunch on a tropical island! What more could you want?


Every single guest came back with a smile on their face saying we want more! Lucky for them they still had 3 more diving days left.

On the last night Badladz put on a BBQ to die for! With a Live Band on the Beach and buffet style all you can eat, it was a fantastic night with all the guests and staff included having a great time.

It was hard to say goodbye to everyone. I know for me I have a lot of new friends and really hope to see them again.


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