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How to Get to Puerto Galera

Quite often we’re asked how to get to Puerto Galera. If you’re coming from Manila to Puerto Galera there are several modes of transportation you’re going to have to take before getting to your final destination. Below you will find our breakdown of how to go to Puerto Galera by all modes of transportation and some tips for each one.

Flying Into Manila

Fly into Manila International Airport (MNL). If you are flying in from other destinations in SE Asia, check out discount fares from carriers like Tiger Air, Jetstar, and Air Asia into Clark International Airport (CRK) which is 1.5 hours north of Manila.

Watch this short video below where I talk about how to use the departure terminals to catch a taxi and also how to organize a pickup from your friends or family in the arrivals area.

How To Get To Puerto Galera From Manila:

Getting to Puerto Galera from Manila is simple. Below we break down how to get to Puerto Galera.

TAXI DIRECT: Go to the DEPARTURES area of the airport and get a YELLOW or WHITE metered taxi . Be sure to get in a newer cab. The fare will be about 2000-3000 pesos to Batangas Pier and you need to make sure that they will take the fast route on the TOLL HIGHWAYS. Negotiate who pays for highway tolls FIRST.

This is not a bad option if you arrive mid-day and want to get to the beach pronto! The Ferry boats to Puerto Galera stop running about 4:30 pm so make sure you arrive before this time

Staying in Manila will cost as much as getting to Puerto Galera via the taxi.

Watch this short video about using taxis and how to use them like a pro.

Manila to Puerto Galera Via Batangas Pier by Bus

Take a taxi to BUENDIA or CUBAO Bus Terminals (once again, make sure they turn on the meter). Buses depart constantly and look like this.

Buendia bus station is very central to the airport, Makati and Malate. Just hop in a cab and tell them you want to go to the “Buendia bus station.” Make sure they turn on the meter. Buses depart Buendia for Batangas pier every 10-15 minutes.

Get on the bus that says “Batangas Pier.” Ensure with the conductor that you are on the “express” bus, the BEST way to do this is make sure that the bus says “Calabarzon” on it.

You can speak English to all the conductors, and you’ll be charged the correct rates, probably less than P200 after you have left and are on your way.

You MUST leave Manila at 2PM AT THE VERY LATEST if you want to get to BADLADZ, Puerto Galera before the ferry service stops.

Many tourists opt to take expensive taxis or tourist bus services to Batangas Pier, we recommend traveling to Puerto Galera via local transport via the bus as mentioned above as it’s safe, comfortable and very affordable.

Watch the short video below that walks you through using the bus and the ferry at Batangas Pier.

How to Go to Puerto Galera From Batangas Pier

Once at Batangas Pier, go to the main terminal. Take the first boat going to MUELLE PIER.


Purchase a ticket from Minolo Shipping Lines going to Muelle Pier.

Please note: At Batangas Pier, you may be approached by people and advised that the boats are not running, or that you must take a “private boat”. DO NOT take a “Private Boat”! Do not believe anyone (even security) if they tell you the boats are not running. This is a scam.
Take the first boat going to Muelle Pier, from the main Batangas Pier. DO NOT take or attempt to take any other boats other than the ones leaving from the terminal. Refuse to be led away from the terminal by seemingly “friendly” people.

The ferry ride will take approximately 1.5 hours from time of departure to Mondoro Island’s Muelle Pier in Puerto Galera.

Going to Badladz Dive Resort?

Badladz Dive Resort

When the ferry arrives at Muelle Pier, step onto the pier, turn left and walk about 50 meters. BADLADZ Dive Resort is on the pier near the sailboats. You will find a walkway that leads to the dive resort.

If in doubt, just ask someone standing in the area and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Walk into BADLADZ Dive Resort and get ready to have some FUN!



Going to Badladz Beach Resort?

To arrange for a Tricycle to meet you at Muelle Pier, message or call 09399148819 when your boat leaves Batangas Pier.

Our happy staff will assist you with arranging transportation.

It is only 5 minutes away by tricycle.

The cost is P50  – P100 depending on number of people.



BADLADZ Dive Resort

Muelle Pier, Puerto Galera 5203, Philippines

+63 939 914 8819


BADLADZ Apartments

Small Tabinay Beach, Puerto Galera 5200, Philippines

+63 939 914 8819


BADLADZ Beach Resort

Small Tabinay Beach, Puerto Galera 5200, Philippines

+63 939 914 8819

Click here for more maps.

Any questions? You can always call our Directions Hotline: +63 939 914 8819 or reach out via email to find out more about how to get to Puerto Galera.

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