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Free-Diving in Puerto Galera

By - Posted on 22.08.2016

Freediving in Puerto Galera can be a fun experience if you have been trained and know what you are doing. Freediving is such a freeing way to dive though a bit different then scuba diving. Let me explain.

What is Freediving?

β€œTo freedive is to return in some small way to a unity between ourselves and water. When you hold your breath and slip below the surface, you invoke a magical time of pure consciousness, safety and freedom, released from everyday worries and cares.”

That’s what makes it so amazing, we all innately have the skills required. When we learn how to breathe properly for diving our bodies do the rest for us.


There are no words to describe the feeling of slipping beneath the waves on a single breath of air, swimming along side a sea turtle, observing creatures without the disturbance of bubbles or cumbersome equipment, and returning to the surface minutes later. Once you try it you will be hooked for life!


Is it safe?

Yes! Freediving is as safe as taking a bath as long as you follow the two golden rules; never dive without a fellow trained freediver and never dive alone! πŸ™‚ Okay, so that’s one rule but once you’ve spent some time in the water with us you will understand why it is so important.

In reality freediving is safer than scuba diving, which itself is an extremely safe activity. There is no chance of decompression sickness with recreational freediving. In fact you have a higher chance of being killed by a coconut than getting hurt freediving or scuba diving.

What To Expect When Training

There are tons and tons of freediving trainers and most will tell you that on the first day of their course you will hold your breathe twice as long as you ever have. Well, this is true for about 99% of people. Why? Because if you learn to breath properly your body will do the rest for you.

Honestly, for me your breath hold is a given and I’m not interested in selling you on gimmicks. I want you to have fun and be happy that you have unleashed a skill from within that you probably never even thought you had.

Where to Freedive in Puerto Galera

There are many places you can freedive in Puerto Galera. You want to look for a place that is relatively shallow that you can reach with one breath which will obviously depend on how long you can hold your breath. For some recommendations on places to dive, stop by and see us and we can tip you in on places to go.



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