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Fire Safety Training With the BADLADZ Staff

By - Posted on 15.08.2016


Team BADLADZ hosts the Philippine Bureau of Fire Prevention each year who come to administer annual Fire Safety Training to our staff. This year was a great training and the staff loved it.

Our team across locations are serious about the safety of each other and our guests. It showed by their interest and attention they gave during the training.

We take time during the low season for projects and training so we can prepare for the high season when we’re too busy for them.

Luckily we were fortunate to get the trainers on a nice day to come down to the beach resort.

Philippine Bureau of Fire Prevention

Training this year was very informative and entertaining making it an awesome time for the staff and keeping everyone engaged. The trainers are active and they answer the questions we have in detail.


Philippine Bureau of Fire Prevention

The training included:

  • Prevention of Fire
  • Fire Safety
  • Suppression of Fire

I can tell you…it was not boring, you will have to watch to see the fun on how to properly handle a fire extinguisher.

Even if you don’t speak Tagalog, I think you will figure out what he’s alluding to in demonstrating proper use of the fire extinguisher hose. 😉

Fire Safety Training Can Be Fun?

While there was some fun to be had, it was all to keep the staff engaged and entertained while teaching them.

Frankly I couldn’t help watching the presentation being given and of course getting a few chuckles during the presentation.

Our trainers were very professional. They even help the staff during some live action use a charged fire extinguisher to put out a live fire while other team members watch.


Trainers Starting a Fire

BADLADZ Team Puts Fire Safety Training Into Action

Various staff join in the fun after the presentation and use what they learn in the classroom to apply to a real life fire. This would include staff from our management, maintenance, waitresses and the spa.

The maintenance staff put out a fire and they had no problem putting out the fire like a boss.


Maintenance Team Member

Some of the wait staff from the BADLADZ Restaurants put out fires and of course did it with a smile.


Waitress Team Member

Well, some staff did it with a smile and some staff did it with some serious determination.


Another Waitress Team Member

Also team members came over from Pampered Spa, our spa located on the Sabang Beach Walk and were excited to be part of the training.


Pampered Spa Team Member

All of the BADLADZ Team would like to thank the Philippines Bureau of Fire Prevention for coming out to train us. They gave both a great presentation and the hands on experience we needed.


The BADLADZ Team & Philippine Bureau of Fire Prevention

BADLADZ looks forward to having the trainers back next year for another fun training and an informative fire safety training.



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