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Puerto Galera Diving | Deep Sea Diving for All Skill Levels

Puerto Galera DivingIf you’re excited about experience the magnificent Puerto Galera diving, you’re not alone.

Puerto Galera is one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Divers from all over the world flock to Puerto Galera to experience the incredible marine diversity, beautiful warm water and huge variety of dive spots.

Learn more – Have you been scuba diving in Puerto Galera?

One thing that people love about Puerto Galera diving is that it’s always exciting. In the waters surrounding Puerto Galera, there are around 40 dive spots including surreal underwater caves, beautiful tropical reefs and mind-blowing ancient shipwrecks.

It boggles the mind how much diversity can be found along a relatively small stretch of coastline. Under the sea, the cliffs slope deep down below and sea life flourishes.

Dive Puerto GaleraPeople first began diving in Puerto Galera more than thirty years ago. Back then, it was tougher. If you had come here back then, you would have had to carry your own equipment! These days, this island paradise is overflowing with dive shops, most within a short distance to each other. Here at Badladz, we have an attached dive shop so if you stay here, diving is easy as pie.

Unlike other areas in the Philippines, Puerto Galera is great for diving throughout the entire year. Depending on the season, the Puerto Galera water diving temperature ranges from 26 to 29 degrees Celsius.

The reason for this is that Puerto Galera is in a great location. The islands and mountains around Puerto Galera shelter it from typhoons and storm surges. However, despite the fact that Puerto Galera diving is year round, high season and low season are worth keeping in mind.

Diving Puerto GaleraHigh season runs from mid-December to the end of May while low season starts at the end of May and runs through to mid-December. During high season, the weather is better, however visibility can be lower. During the low season, weather in Puerto Galera is marked by rain, wind and the occasional typhoon. However, don’t be put off. Often, when it comes to diving in Puerto Galera, the best visibility is during low season.

One of the great things about Puerto Galera diving is that most of the dive spots are around 10 to 15 minutes from the dive centers. Since they are close, you can make the most of your time here. Dive in the morning and take the afternoon off or dive all day and drink in the stunning beauty of the underwater world.

If you’re looking for a diving education, you’ll be well-served in coming to dive in Puerto Galera. Many of the dive centers teach internationally recognized courses such as PADI. To kick off your diving education, start with a Discover Scuba Diving course – an adventure that will blow your mind.

Philippines Divers at an Ancient ShipwreckWhether you are a complete beginner and learning to dive or experienced and looking to expand your qualifications, you’ll have you need here. With advanced training like drift diving, night diving, deep sea diving, recovery diving and more, there are countless options and opportunities for you to develop yourself as a diver.

We can even take you on an island-hopping scuba-diving trip all over Puerto Galera!

During the evening, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to party or relax, depending upon what you’re in the mood for. You’ll have a great time with the Puerto Galera nightlife.

At Badladz, all the instructors are friendly, fun and professional. If you book a room a Badladz, you’ll have great accommodation and many opportunities to enjoy Puerto Galera diving. For prices and descriptions of the diving options on offer, see the brochure below.

And if you wanna find out how to take rad photos, whether you’re scuba diving, trekking or just relaxing, check out this online photography course.

Puerto Galera Dive Sites

There are over 40 great scuba diving sites in Puerto Galera. Here are some of the most popular dive sites:

  • Hole In The Wall (18m/60′)
  • The Canyons (30m/100′)
  • Shark Cave (27m/90′)
  • Odie’s Dingding (33m/110′)
  • Sabang Point (24m/80′ multilevel)
  • Monkey Wreck (42m/140′)
  • Manila Channel (18m/60′)
  • Coral Gardens (10m/30′)
  • Alma Jane Wreck (25m-30m/66′-100′)
  • The Hill (12m/40′)
  • Batangas Channel (15m/50′)
  • St. Christopher (24m/80′ mulitlevel)
  • Monkey Beach (18m/60′)
  • Ernie’s Caves (27m/90′ mulitilevel)
  • Dungon Wall (27m/90′ multilevel)
  • Wreck Point (15m/50′)
  • West Escarceo (30m/100′ multilevel)
  • The Atoll (33m/110′)
  • Pink Wall (12m/40′)
  • Sabang Junk (18m/60′)
  • Japanese Wreck (42m/140′)
  • Sinandigan Wall (40m/130′ mulitlevel)
  • The Washing Machine (15m/50′), Verde Island
  • The Drop Off (any depth, multilevel), Verde Island

Fun Dives

  • Single Dive, including equipment: P1,800
  • Two Dives, including equipment: P2,600
  • Night Dive, including equipment: P1,800 + P250 for torch rental
  • Magnificent Verde Island Package, including equipment: P3,700

Discover Scuba Diving

Your first diving experience! The program includes 2 dives, under strict instructor supervision. First, dive to become familiar with the equipment in shallow water (to get comfortable). Followed by a reef dive to discover the amazing underwater world.

3 Hours / P3,200

Scuba Dive Course

The first step on the Certified Diver ladder. This course gives you full PADI certification, accepted worldwide and lasts a lifetime! Includes: 3 confined water training sessions, 3 academic lessons, all PADI materials and certification, equipment and 2 open water dives.

1.5 Days / P14,000

Open Water Course

Step 2: This course trains you to dive to 18m (60ft). Includes: 5 confined water training sessions, 5 academic lessons, all PADI materials and certification, equipment and 4 open water dives.

3-4 Days / P19,500

Advanced Open Water

This certification trains you to dive to 30m (100ft). Additional diving experience under direct instructor supervision, EG: Wreck, Navigation, Deep, etc. Includes: All PADI materials and certification, Equipment and 5 dives.

2-3 Days / 16,000


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Additional Courses

  • Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder: P26,000
  • Nitrox Speciality: P12,000
  • Dive Master Course: Please Enquire

We also do snorkelling trips.

All prices include equipment rental and boat.

For courses, all prices include equipment rental boats and PADI books.

For further details and pricing, please enquire at Badladz Reception, call 0927 268 9095 or 0918 555 5426, send an email to or visit our website at

Check out our photo-album with more scuba diving pictures.

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