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Cargo Transportation In The Philippines

By - Posted on 23.12.2015

Big Business and Loads of Innovation

Looking for a business, maybe something to keep you busy and make some money in the Philippines? How about a logistics company in a Philippine city moving goods and cargo?

Hundreds of tons of cargo arrive everyday and must be distributed in a country where every city is a virtual parking lot. Traffic chokes the streets, both vehicular & pedestrian, roads are not great and the pollution is awful but the goods MUST move. Perhaps you don’t have much money, trucks are expensive and you are looking for a cheaper solution.

Be innovative!

Loaded Jeepney

The Kuliglig

This is called a kuliglig. It basically means Noisy Insect. You can’t hear it in the Blog of course but check out the video, KULIGLIG . Belt driven they Screeeeech and unmufflered they Roaaaaar but at least one will never sneak up on you!

Homemade, unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured these monsters carry huge loads of People, Cargo, Livestock etc and they are tough. Each of those coconuts weighs about 2 kilos and that’s just a little 5hp utility motor pushing these loads around but, I guarantee you, not fast !

Oftentimes the color will designate where it runs, like a route designation. They come in all different shapes and sizes.


Pedicabs & Push Karts.

Here’s something a little quieter. You can see the loads they put on them, people and cargo. The nice thing about them is they are Quiet, Free to run and No pollution. Something to be said for that in a city like Manila.

The Pedicabs have almost no brakes and these things can definitely sneak up behind you. The sidewalks are always cluttered so you must walk on the streets and the pedicabs ghost along silently with total disdain for traffic rules, pedestrians and right of way so watch out !

The Push Kart is another cargo vehicle. Notice the wooden wheels. They’re still unloading the same truck onto that cart. These things also carry a lot of weight, and again, make no noise, no pollution and these guys will push them for MILES to their destination!



Motorcycles can also be used for cargo and I’m guilty of this as well. So much easier to get through traffic. That’s me and my bikes with small loads on them.

I use motorcycles in Manila to do my Industrial shopping and can get upwards of 100 kilos on board. Two or three trips a day every day for a week then load my truck for the trip home to BADLADZ ADVENTURE RESORTS- Puerto Galera.


You can also add a sidecar to your motorcycle and carry even more! Look at this stuff. People, cargo, anything you want. These are real dangerous as there are no brakes on the sidecar so a sudden stop means the whole thing spins out of control as the sidecar tries to pass the motorcycle ;-(


Hand Dollies and Brute Force

Maybe you actually want to get physical and do some work yourself. These guys are doing it hard getting through traffic like this. Yeah, this is no fun. Uphill’s a bitch and, of course, NO BRAKES coming down, especially in the rain!

Whenever you’re thinking that you’ve got a tough life, come on over and get a job here. Do this for 12 hours a day, rain or shine, in traffic, for $10 A DAY if your lucky. Most of these guys will be getting paid about $7 each day, 6 days a week.


When the traffic is SO bad that the Dollies get stuck…. just pick up the boxes and take a walk. I’m not talking about around the corner, it could be an hour trek or more to the destination then back to the starting point and do it again ! ALL DAY LONG, no Union, no Insurance, no compensation or unemployment insurance. No work, no pay BUT also NO TAXES !



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