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Boracay Beach Fire Dancers

By - Posted on 29.08.2016

If you’re ever in Boracay Beach area, I definitely recommend checking out the Boracay Beach Fire Dancers. I was recently there and recorded a video for you to see what it’s like from the comfort of your home…but I highly recommend you go see fire dancers in person.

Fire dancers White Beach

As they say on TV, don’t try this at home!!

So imagine this… you’re in the moonlight on Boracay beach, enjoying smooth tropical drinks. The air is ripe with the smell of kerosene while the sounds of jungle drums are beating in the background.

It’s hot, it’s sexy… but wait a minute…

Now there is a well known secret about this sexy fire dance here in the Philippines… watch the video to find out. 😉

Boracay Beach Fire Dancers Video

As you will see in my Boracay Fire Dancer Video below they are quite skilled at what they do and it’s quite entertaining.

You will often find fire dancers on the major tourist beaches here in the Philippines. Two of the most popular beaches where you will find them is of course Boracay Beach and also down the road from me in White Beach.

I always advise that fire dancing probably isn’t something you would want to try in your back yard, but I do recommend you go check it out while enjoying a relaxing evening at either one of these beaches. The dancers put on a good show and it’s a good time to relax with family and friends.

White Beach Fire Dancers

If you’re down in my neck of the woods, Puerto Galera on Mindoro Island, you can find them here at White Beach.

I made a video about Puerto Galera White Beach Fire Dancers here.



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