We are extremely proud of our very own Maylen, whose life as an entrepreneurial woman in the Philippines was just featured in Forbes Magazine! When you meet here make sure to get her autograph ;-) Here is an excerpt. Read the full story at:


Mayleen at Badladz

Excerpt from Forbes:

“Maylen’s story begins like so many in the Philippines. Born in Bikol, she grew up in Bulacan, the oldest in a family of 11 children. Her home was barely even a shack, with walls constructed from a hybrid of any available flat material scraps that they could piece together to form a structure. This is a common building practice in some of the more impoverished and rural areas of Southeast Asian countries. She started working at the age of 14, manufacturing fireworks, to help out at home. By the time she was 16 she was working full-time and no longer enrolled in school……..

It was at the mall that two pivotal things happened for Maylen. She began working in an embroidery shop and discovered that not only did she enjoy sewing, but she was also very good at it. It was also at this embroidery shop that one of her customers saw something more than the girl behind the counter…………

Tough is an understatement when you watch Maylen manage the administration of multiple businesses, employees, and her own household. If you need anything, she can make two phone calls and make it happen within five minutes. She is a woman who is respected and listened to every where in Puerto Galera. Maylen discovered that the tough hardball methods her husband and other business men on the island used did not work for her. “I guess the way I’m doing it works. In the end you’ve just got to be you. Present yourself as a business woman, just show up, keep it close.”

Leave a comment congratulating her below if you’d like, and go here to check out the full story.

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Not sure what you are going to do in the Philippines?

Let me help.

This country has kept me busy for 15 years and you’ll never have a dull moment if you like fun and adventure ;-)

There is really no shortage of water fun here! With over 7000 islands, the Philippines is Number 4 in the world for Beaches with 300,000 kilometers of coastline (source)!

There is also no shortage of great sunrises if you roll out of bed early enough.  Then, after breakfast, see the swarms of colorful reef fish, harmless sharks, turtles etc. when you go diving or snorkeling.

Have you ever swam with whale sharks? These gentle majestic giants are majestic in their natural habitat.

Maybe get some exercise swimming, kayaking, wind surfing, or kite boarding.


But wait… More watersports abound !

How about some thrills and spills when you jetski, sail, waterski or fall off a bananaboat but hopefully no spills when you are parasailing into the awesome sunset!

Don’t like the ocean? No worries. This place is a tropical paradise with jungle roads, coastal roads, mountains and plains with native village scenes sliding by you on your motorcycle or mountain bike.  .


Even the go kart tracks are in the jungle!  The mud karts and quads are a wild ride through dirt and water filled ditches for a messy fun time!


There are great waterfall tours & jungle treks where you can relax and swim in crystal clear mountain streams.


Get off the “beaten path” and get some culture into you with a tour through a native mangyan village.

How about beach hopping, have a BBQ, play some beach volleyball, go to a floating bar for a few drinks and a swim. Try some golf! Courses abound throughout the Philippines and, in Puerto Galera, there is even one on a mountain! There are zip lines and cliff dives, paintball games and shooting ranges for the more adventurous.

Honestly, if you cannot keep yourself occupied here, then you are not trying!

Don’t like to leave the city? In the Mall of Asia you and your friends can go ice skating,  shopping, and ride an ENORMOUS Ferris Wheel with a view of Manila Bay! Chinatown  for bargain shopping with its crowded hustle and bustle is always interesting then a slow stroll through the quiet calm of historic Fort Santiago and Intramuros  afterwards to relax makes for a perfect day.

Even a walk along Manila Bay can bring unexpected enjoyment.

From top to boottom the Philippines has fun activities for everyone !

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