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It’s not really uncommon for foreigners to want to stay in the Philippines. This is especially true for Americans and Europeans. The climate is tropical and even in the “cold months” you won’t see any trace of snow anywhere. The cost of living is laughably low, as the prices of everything including food and rent are very affordable. Crime is low in comparison to Western standards, and there’s no political instability in most areas. Locals even think foreigners are very attractive.

Of course, you can’t just jump right in. Here are some things you may want to know about the country before you make a decision to come here:

guns in the philippines

Guns and Americans

This is often a question posed by Americans, since they have gun rights that many don’t want to give up. It also seems to make sense in the Philippines, since the police here are comparatively inept and corrupt compared to their western counterparts.

And the answer to this question is simple. If you’re a foreigner, you can’t legally own a firearm of any sort here. You’ll go to jail and risk being deported. Even if you’re married to a Filipino, you can’t have a gun in her name—police officials will just assume the gun is yours.

Of course, it’s different if you are rich and well-connected. Even some Filipinos who don’t have gun permits can buy a gun for their home in the belief that dying from a criminal is worse than facing jail time. You can buy off the cops later. Or you can say that you took the gun from the intruder. That will work too.

But if you are rich, just hire a security firm to protect you, your loved ones and your home. When there’s trouble, the firm will be responsible for their guard’s action.


If you’re going to stay longer in the Philippines, or you have something to do (such as go to college or work here), you’re going to need a visa. The Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines is a typical bureaucracy, so there’s some red tape involved. You can find the information you need here: www.immigration.gov.ph.

What you need to understand though, is that the Philippine government likes that you’re there in their country, especially if you’re American or European. So the process isn’t really all that bad and the fees aren’t really expensive by our standards.

Owning Property

What about owning a property? In general, you can’t. But there are exceptions. You can own a condominium unit, as long as you don’t own more than 40% of the units in one building. You can get the property through a corporation, but the corporation’s ownership should be at least 60%.

One particularly clever way of getting around the rules is to have someone you trust “own” the property in their name. You can then have the property mortgaged to you, for an amount that’s much greater than the worth of the property. When the contract is signed, you need to have it notarized, and to be extra cautious, you should record the signing of the documents on video.

Living in the Philippines is a great idea for some people, but you need to jump in with your eyes open. Here’s hoping these answers helped.

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