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Puerto Galera has always been one of the most popular tourist spots in the Philippines, and one of the reasons for this is the great diving spots like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There is a treasure trove of diving sites in Puerto Galera as there are at least 30 dive sites you can choose from.


Picking the best diving spots in Puerto Galera can be a matter of debate, but some diving sites do tend to be mentioned more often when divers are pressed to make a choice. Among the most popular choices are:

  1. Canyons. This diving site is invariably mentioned whenever the topic of best diving spots come up, and for many advanced divers it actually is the best. However, it’s not a unanimous choice because it’s only for advanced divers. Using Nitrox is truly and strongly recommended, and the currents here can be really strong.

Just about every kind of corral can be found all over the reef. The colors are amazing. What’s more, the wide variety of fishes and other marine life can be breath-taking. They seem to be everywhere, and sometimes sharks will make an appearance. A single dive won’t be enough to show you its entire splendor, and you’ll really want to come back time and again.

  1. Hole in the Wall. This remarkable dive site is on Escarceo Point, and it’s about 60 feet down. You drop into illuminated water, and you’re surrounded by wondrous table corals that are as good as anywhere else. As you descend, you’ll find the hole, which is about 5 feet wide. It’s a little hole in the middle of a huge rock, and that’s where you swim through. You’ve got lots of sponges, fans, soft corals, along with marine life like turtles and snappers. While the current can get strong, it’s easy enough at slack high tide.
  2. Shark Cave. Another site best left for advanced divers, it can go as deep as 90 feet. As the name suggests, this is where the sharks hang out. It’s where the whitetip sharks take a nap. You’ll also find blue-spotted stingrays and spotted sweetlips here. Nearby there’s a ledge where you can find other smaller sharks, and there’s also a small reef where you can find leopard sharks.
  3. Sabang Wrecks. Three sunken boats can be dived here, and you can see a wide variety of fish here, including surgeonfish, batfish, and smaller damselfish. The deepest is about 70 feet down, and you can do all three wrecks in one dive. Each wreck may seem like its own little town, and they’re all crawling with marine animals. If you’re lucky, your lights can attract the curiosity of small schools of baby squid.
  4. Sinandigan Wall. Do you like nudibranchs? There are a lot of them here, and more than a dozen different types may be found in just one dive. There’s a truly divers aquatic life here, with large numbers of fish and soft corals.

That’s just 5 diving sites for you to explore. If you’re trying to make your own list, you may want to visit all the diving sites in Puerto Galera to see which ones are truly the best for you.


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The Philippines is made up of more than 7,000 islands, which means you will many options when it comes to choosing the best beaches in the Philippines. You can probably come up with a list of the top 50 beaches easily, simply by checking out forums online.

But how do you define “best”? Is it just the beauty of the water and sand, or is it about how much fun you can get when you’re there? Anyway, it’s all about the richness of the experience and these beaches will surely provide that.

  1. Boracay. This is the most popular tourist attraction in the country, and many experts say it’s the best beach in Asia. It is epitomized by White Beach, and the color of the sand explains the name perfectly. This 4-kilometer stretch can be packed especially during the holidays, but you can say that of any beach in the country. At night, the restaurants stay open, and the bustle of activity never stops.
  2. White Beach, Puerto Galera. The best beach here is called White Beach as well, but then again you’d be surprised at how many white beaches there are in the Philippines. There seems to be a lot of possible things to do if you want to have fun here, and meanwhile you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Have fun diving, as there are more than 30 diving sites you can choose from.download (1)
  3. El Nido. There are many beaches in Palawan and some are truly spectacular, especially in El Nido. One is the Secret Beach, which may have inspired Alex Garland to write The Beach. It’s not exactly very accessible, as you can get to it only through an opening that swimmers can pass through one at a time. Then there is the Nacpan-Calitan Beach. This is actually two beaches of white sand that meet at a hill.
  4. Caramoan. When it comes to scenery, Caramoan rocks with the best of them. You’ve got stretches of white sand, along with rock formations and humungous boulders. There are a lot of beaches to choose from here, although one particular favorite is Matukad Island. The rock formations are awe-inspiring, and in between them are spots of white sand. There’s even a hidden lake. Scuba divers will have lots of fun, but even landlubbers will get a kick out of the other natural wonders here.
  5. Bantayan Island. This beach in Cebu is one quiet little place, but it’s not isolated. It’s just laidback. You’re here to relax, surrounded by white sand, blue waters, and golden-red sunsets. There are no high end resorts and malls, but the people are nice and the beer is cheap.
  6. Samal. There’s a long stretch of white sand which spans 118 kilometers. The waters are clear, and you’ve got lots of greenery and rock formations. You can backpack or you can live the high life in one of the luxury resorts.

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Meet Bob , the biggest sea turtle around.

June 15, 2014

This right here is Bob , Bob is our resident Green turtle that lives here pretty much year round , Everybody loves to meet him since he is such a large figure sitting under the water. 95% of the time we go to visit him he is there and what is even better is that […]

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Badladz wins tops travel award

May 28, 2014

Wow  , we are really proud to get awards like this. Thanks to everyone who reviewed our resort and helped us get here and an even bigger thank you to all our staff who with lots of hard work made this possible.  We hope there is many more of these to come and we look forward […]

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The Best Hotel Beach Resort in Puerto Galera

May 28, 2014

If you want to have the most memorable experience in one of the best beaches in the Philippines, it helps if you stay in the best hotel beach resort in Puerto Galera. And by most accounts (including Trip Advisor’s), the Badladz Beach Resort is the best of them all. Just about everyone who stayed at […]

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WOW !!! , another rare Hairy frogfish found in Puerto Galera

May 21, 2014

Every now and again we find something that even surprises our dive guides, not too long ago we found this very rare Hairy Frogfish, one of our guides has done more than 1,000 dives in Puerto Galera and this was the first one he ever saw. We hope to be able to show you it […]

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A super rare octopus found in Puerto Galera with our divers.

May 13, 2014

Another really rare animal that Morris our divemaster found and I just had to go out this morning to picture it , this right here is a Octopus Mototi even rarer than a blue ring octopus , one of the most dangerous animals in the world , when approached or annoyed they will display 2 […]

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Maylen Featured in Forbes Magazine!

March 29, 2014

We are extremely proud of our very own Maylen, whose life as an entrepreneurial woman in the Philippines was just featured in Forbes Magazine! When you meet here make sure to get her autograph Here is an excerpt. Read the full story at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/elisadoucette/2012/06/29/on-being-a-filipina-business-woman-and-having-it-all/ Excerpt from Forbes: “Maylen’s story begins like so many in the […]

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Things To Do In The Philippines

March 17, 2014

Not sure what you are going to do in the Philippines? Let me help. This country has kept me busy for 15 years and you’ll never have a dull moment if you like fun and adventure There is really no shortage of water fun here! With over 7000 islands, the Philippines is Number 4 in […]

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Typhoons in the Philippines – Is it safe to visit ?

March 1, 2014

Not too long ago a super typhoon went through the Philippines , and there was devastation , I get phone calls and e-mails all the time whenever something like this happens, People asking ” oh is it safe ? , am I going to be able to fly in ? since  they’ve been watching the […]

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