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The beaches in Puerto Galera offer great spots for divers, and you can find lots of marine life and even sharks in your dives. But you can also explore several wrecks under the sea. It can give you flashbacks of watching Titanic, except that this time, you’re not watching a movie. You can see what’s going on with your own eyes and touch everything with your own hands.

But for some Filipinos, a shipwreck isn’t exactly a great sight to behold. While these wrecks were purposely sunk for divers, in the Philippines sunken ships are unfortunately a somewhat common occurrence.


Philippine Maritime Tragedies

The Philippines has had its share of shipping accidents, and now it even has its own Wikipedia page just for the country’s maritime disasters. Each year, it seems like there’s at least one ferry accident that results in many lives lost. Sometimes there are dozens of deaths, and in some cases there are hundreds.

There are plenty of reasons why these things keep happening in the country. The yearly monsoon rains and typhoons are partly to blame. These typhoons wreak havoc on everything in its path, and ships make for flimsy targets.

Then there’s also the unfortunate tendency of Filipinos for overcrowding its transport vehicles. You see this a lot on ships operating in the islands, despite the safety regulations. But it’s also common on just about every vehicle.  Buses are packed, and so are trains. Even tricycles designed to hold just two or three people can sometimes carry up to a dozen people.

Finally, the ships in the Philippines are far from new. The technology they use is probably outdated and the ships often encounter technical or mechanical problems.

So you can’t really blame the skills of the sailors when these things happen. Filipino sailors are good.


Filipino Sailors around the World

Filipino sailors are so good that they are probably employed in just about every ship in the world. Some experts estimate that 1 in 5 sailors in the world is a Filipino, although BBC actually thinks the percentage is 1 in 3.

It’s easy enough to understand how this happened. The Philippines is made up of 7,100 islands, so the people’s affinity with the water is cultural. Then add the fact that Filipinos speak English well enough, and they work hard for very little pay makes them attractive for shipping companies all over the world. They can work as sailors, cleaners, or entertainers in these ships.

Every time there’s a ship in the world that’s involved in an accident or seized by Somali pirates, the country worries because there is likely a Filipino aboard the ship as part of the crew.

Of course, Filipinos know the difference between the wrecks on diving sites and the wrecks of actual ships and ferries that have sunk in their waters. They’re not that fragile, and in fact they don’t mind that divers like to explore these wrecks. But this may perhaps explain why Filipino divers prefer to dive to see colorful flora and fascinating marine life, than explore shipwrecks.


Most people come to Puerto Galera because of the stunning beaches. But this place is more famous for its dive sites. There are about 40 dive sites in Puerto Galera and they are absolutely world-class.

Diving pic 1

We’ve asked many tourists around here to find out why they prefer to dive in Puerto Galera than in any other place in the Philippines, or in Southeast Asia for that matter, and here are the reasons we’ve gathered:

  1. It’s challenging. While some diving spots are quite easy, some are also challenging which gets your adrenalin pumping. The currents are unpredictable and the darkness under the water can be tricky. Then there are the dangerous wrecks and the treacherous caves. For diving fans everywhere, these things make for an exciting dive.
  2. It allows you to see life underwater. Some people dive in Puerto Galera because they just love seeing all those marine creatures down there, and there are indeed a lot of them. Have you ever waded through schools of little fish, or perhaps played tag with sharks? And what about giant tortoises? You’ll find all these wonderful creatures on your dives here.
  3. It gives them a glimpse of underwater plants. Many divers love seeing all those exotic and strange plants living underwater. Their colors are intriguing, and their forms are fascinating. You can also take lots of pictures, as underwater photography is a very popular pastime.
  4. It’s a different world. This is perhaps somewhat philosophical and existential, but it really is true. The way you breathe and move around is somewhat different when you’re underwater. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that it’s a different world. If you are on vacation to escape from your daily routines, then diving is literally an escape from the real world.
  5. It’s very peaceful. Have you ever tried to meditate or do yoga? This is an exercise in which you try to bring some sense of calm and peace to your mind and body.

But under the water, the calm comes naturally. It’s automatic. It’s as if all your cares in the world are taken away, and now you are filled with serenity. If the point of a vacation is to relax, then diving (especially scuba diving) is what you need to do.

And the nice thing about diving is that it’s easy to learn. You can start with the easier dives for beginners. It’s also very affordable especially here in Puerto Galera where the rates are dirt cheap and the diving spots are some of the best in the world.

What more can you ask for in a beach vacation? It can be as relaxing or as exciting as you want it to be, and sometimes it can be both. Well, what are you waiting for? Buy a ticket to the Philippines, head on to Puerto Galera and book a nice room in a resort by the beach. Plan all the fun things you will do on your vacation and make sure to include diving in your list!


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