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BADLADZ Dive Resort Green Fins Top 10

By - Posted on 28.06.2016

On June 13, 2016 BADLADZ Dive Resort, our popular Philippines dive company, received notification that our BADLADZ Scuba Diving was ranked in the top 10 in the world as an environmentally friendly dive company.


Their message read…

BadLadz Dive Resort, we have some great news for you!

Throughout the year, the Reef-World team reviews and updates the Green Fins Top 10 list, recognizing the dive centers with the most environmentally friendly operations and are active in protecting our marine resources.

Together with local counterparts, we have conducted a large number of Green Fins assessments over the last three months across the active Green Fins countries.

It is our great pleasure to congratulate you as your excellent assessment score has placed you in the Green Fins Top 10 dive and snorkel operators internationally!


The rigorous assessment process is based on a robust criteria system and allows us to monitor your dive center’s improvement in implementing environmental standards over the years.

The score yielded by the assessment is a measure of environmental impact and the lower the score the lower the environmental impact.

Your current assessment score is one of the lowest we have seen across 400 Green Fins members in the region. We are proud to work with such an exemplary dive center.

As a successful initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme and The Reef-World Foundation, Green Fins garners a lot of support and attention internationally. We have now updated our website to promote your placement in the Top 10 list.


Congratulations BADLADZ Dive Resort

This recognition would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the BADLADZ Dive Team who work every day to give outstanding customer support, diver training and have lots of fun in the process.


Congratulations BADLADZ Dive Team, your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed.





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