Adventure And Relaxation In The Most Beautiful Part Of The Philippines

Are you looking to get away from it all and enjoy yourself on a tropical island?

Then Badladz Adventure Resorts is the perfect destination for you. Situated at the most beautiful bay of the Philippines, here you’ll find all the relaxation and adventure you need.

Get your own private room in the middle of paradise.

Puerto Galera Vacation
Let the drop-dead gorgeous nature take your breath away. With pristine blue waters and lush green trees covering the majestic mountains, you’re in for a holiday you’ll remember forever.

Relax at the beach, and enjoy the sun and the calming sound of the waves. Or get your adrenaline going with some adventure. Take a dive, or head out into the jungle for one of the many exciting activities you can do here.

Welcome to tropical paradise.


“Me and my girlfriend had a great time at Badladz. The service was excellent, the rooms great value and the staff were amazing.”

PJ, Brisbane, Australia

Best place I’ve stayed at in the Philippines. Would stay there again if I return. The hospitality typical of the Filipinos is evident. Spotless rooms and restaurant, fabulous beach and pool, walking distance to the quaint downtown are more reasons I would return. ”

Agge F, Seba Beach, Canada


Why Go To The Philippines?

The Philippines is a country you won’t forget anytime soon. With over 7000 islands, the country is stunningly beautiful.

There are beaches and ocean wherever you look, and in the distance you can spot the mountain ranges of other islands nearby. The year-round warm temperatures and an abundance of sun guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

The Philippines is also one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. There is a wide variety of plants and wildlife. And you can go diving or trekking in the jungle to see it with your own eyes.

The best thing is that the Philippines isn’t ruined by tourists, like many other countries in Asia are. It’s just far enough away from the major touristic hotspots in to let you escape the crowded tourist trail, but still enjoy all the benefits of being in South-East Asia.

Plus, it’s cheap.

Your money will go a whole lot further here than it goes at home. You can live like a king in the Philippines for the same money that you spend at home.

And unlike most other countries in Asia, the people here actually speak English. It’s one of the country’s official languages, which make it a joy for travelers. This means you can actually communicate with the locals, and ask them questions when you need to.

Welcome To Puerto Galera – The Most Beautiful Bay In The World.

We have two resorts in one of the best locations in the Philippines: Puerto Galera.

Just a few hours away from Manila, Puerto Galera will take your breath away. Named one of the most beautiful natural bays in the world, it’s also widely considered to be one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world.

Our two resorts are located at a great location. It’s calm and relaxed, but there is plenty of adventure nearby.

It’s close enough to other beach towns like White Beach and Sabang, so you can easily hop in a taxi and go there to party and explore. But it’s far enough away to escape the crowd and relax.

Let your hair down and unwind in tropical paradise.

“Beautifully situated facing the magnficent banka’s harbor.,Comfortable, very clean and quiet rooms. The friendliest young staff, especially the owner Maylen. A real pleasure staying here. We planned to stay 2 days but ended up staying 8 sweet days No need to look elsewhere.

Baruch and Raya, Israel

“A perfect situation, very convenient for arrival and departure, perfect for diving, in a peaceful and quite area, and not so far from the night life. Employees are very nice and very friendly. If you are looking for the good balance between price, location, atmosphere and diving, Badladz is a very good choice.

Patatum, Pornichet, France

“I had the pleasure of spending a full week in this hotel, facing the amazing scenery of the Puerto Galeras bay.
Waking up in the morning and catching the view from the balcony of my room was all I needed to set a inner feeling of pleasure for being there.
I cannot think of a better place to stay, whilst in Puerto Galera. ”

Zanatani, Milan, Italy


Are You Ready For Adventure?

At our resorts, there’s plenty of time to relax in the sun on the beach. But if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, we’ve got you covered.

The perfect way to spice up your holiday is to head out and go on an ADVENTURE. Here in Puerto Galera, there’s plenty of adventures to be had.

Head into the water to go diving or snorkeling and discover the amazing beauty of life underwater. You can get a diving certificate or just dive for fun with our in-house diving shop. Our helpful and knowledgeable diving instructors will be right there to assist you and show you all the amazing creatures that live here underwater. The incredible marine diversity and beautiful tropical reefs are a sight you’ll never forget.

Jump into a kayak, on a jetski, banana boat or sailboat and cut through the waves at high speed. Go windsurfing or waterskiing and get your adrenaline going.


On land, take a motorbike, or quadbike and cross around through the mountains. Race around in gokarts or mudkarts to get your heart pumping. Play golf on a mountaintop, zipline down from the mountains, or play a game of paintball with your friends. If you’re looking for even more excitement, you can always go to the shooting range to practice your marksmanship with real ammunition.

And if you’re looking for a party, you’ve come to the right place. At night, head to the floating bars where live music is playing. Or go down to White Beach or Sabang to experience the nightlife there.

Want something more peaceful? You can also visit the Mangyan Villages to experience the local culture.

Adventure. Fun. And Excitement.

You can find it all here.

By the time you go home, you’ll have plenty of stories to tell your friends.

Two Resorts That Offer You Exactly What You’re Looking For

We’ve got two resorts in Puerto Galera, that offer you exactly what you’re looking for.

Badladz Dive Resort

Right next to the pier where the boats arrive lies Badladz Dive Resort, overlooking the beautiful Puerto Galera Bay.

With an in-house dive shop, this is the one-stop-shop for your tropical paradise adventure. Here you’ll have direct access to visit the yacht club and embark on an underwater expedition or go beach hopping on a native banca boat.

If you’ve got the itch for a little excitement, then Badladz Dive Resort is your port of call with great bars and nightlife just steps away.

Badladz Dive Resort

Badladz Beach Resort

If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature, then Badladz Beach Resort is the place for you.

A semi-private beach and magnificent view combine to make this a fun and fantastic choice for families, couples and friends alike.

Badladz Beach Resort
With both a pool and a beach, it’s a prime destination for recharging your batteries. There’s plenty of space to do what you want. Take a walk on the beach, bask in the sunshine and swim in the pristine blue water. Lounge around under the palm trees on the lawn.

Admire the magnificent view while enjoying some of our famous international food. At Badladz Beach Resort, you’ll experience a calm but addicting lifestyle that will make it difficult to leave…



Stay With Us Long-Term In Our Monthly Appartments.

Looking to stay around longer? We’ve got you covered.

In the middle of exciting Sabang, we have got two apartments for rent – daily or monthly. The apartments are newly remodeled, fully furnished and impeccably clean.

You’ll be right at the heart of the action in Sabang. And since the rooms are strategically placed on the away-side of the noisy clubs and discos, you still get to sleep in peace and quiet at night.

The rooms include private access, cool air conditioning, hot showers and clean bathrooms. You’ve got your own mini kitchen with gas stove and refrigerator, and a big 32” LCD TV for entertainment.


(Interested in our long-term appartments? Then email us at )

I have never seen paradise until I arrived at Badladz resort. I felt welcome from the very start. The staff was there for our every need. Food was very good & they prepared any way we asked. At times it was very quiet & other you could hear people laughing with enjoyment of friendship. The views in the morning sunrise with the sound of the surf just kept us of relaxed.

This is one place you should not pass by..

Bruce, Santa Fe, Texas

Service at Badladz was top-notch. Restaurant staff greeted me by name each time they saw me and were so friendly and helpful — after meeting everyone, I felt like I was immediately part of the family.

As a solo female traveler, safety was a priority and the Badladz staff did a great job making me feel right at home.

Shsia, Bejing, China


Relax And Rest Up In Your Clean Private Room

We have 28 double and single rooms that include everything you need to rest and relax. The single rooms include one queen-size bed which is good for two people, and the double rooms include two.

Badladz Beach Resort - Single Room (Good for 2)
Your room is furnished will all the western amenities you need. Each room has air conditioning and electric fans to keep you cool, a clean bathroom with shower and hot water to freshen up, and a flat screen TV for your entertainment. There’s also a desk and an open closet area with hangers to hang your clothes on.

All the rooms are very clean and well-kept. Our staff will clean your room and do your laundry when you want them to, so you can unwind and enjoy your trip.


All The Facilities You Need To Enjoy Your Trip

Most of the time you’ll spend outside in tropical paradise.

Each resort has a community space with free WIFI where you can hang out and meet other guests. But there’s plenty more to do at the resorts.

At the beach resort, you can swim around in the ocean or in our own private pool. There’s a shallow section just for kids, and a deeper section with grotto and waterfall for adults. You can shoot some hoops in the nearby basketball court, or order massages to your room and relax.

Lay in the hammocks under the palm trees filled with fresh coconuts overlooking the ocean, or play with our cute little bunnies in the lawn.

Our young and friendly staff all speak English and are always trying to help you. They’ll give you a warm welcome that make your feel right at home.

Taste The Best Food On The Island

Our in-house restaurant offers you some of the best food available on the entire island.

Our menu is filled with a wide variety of international meals, and our chef is more than happy to customize your meal for you. The food is both delicious and affordable. We serve big portions of freshly cooked meals that are sure to still your hunger.

Getting thirsty after your meal? We also have a bar that serves you cold drinks, delicious cocktails and fresh fruit smoothies all day long.


“Lovely place to stay, probably the best food on the island – everything seems simply delicious and huge portions.  But the staff is what makes this such a nice place to stay. They know how to treat their guests. They cannot do enough for you here and the hotel is just a hidden gem.

Stayed before and went back again , same great welcome service. You can’t beat Badladz. You get superb value for money and are so well looked after. Thank you, Badladz . ”

Euba, Singapore

“I stayed at Badladz in June. It was a great experience. Rooms are basic but clean. Service at restaurant is fantastic as well as food. If you are backpacking, staying with family or doing anything else, pick this place. ”

Vpashkov, Calgary, Canada


What Our Guests Say:

But don’t take our word for it – listen to our guests to hear what they think of our resorts. Click on the video below to listen to their experiences

“I stayed at Badladz Adventure Resort for a budget dive holiday – away from all the bars and “entertainment” at Sabang. I was not disappointed. Badladz presents excellent value for money, has a great dive centre and is in a very beautiful and relaxing location. ”

SRT500, Rayon, Thailand

“Girlfriend and i spent a couple of days at Badladz Muelle pier facility in February 2013. It was exactly what we were looking for – an inexpensive site, convenient to the port, safe and clean, simple rooms with attached bath (with hot water) and on site restaurant .

The staff was young and friendly. Like the rooms, the restaurant food was reasonably priced

Ouli, Cerritos, California


Get Your Room Now!

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation in nature, or to spend some good time with your family, you can all do it here.

Book your room online today to make sure there’s a room waiting for your when you arrive.

Click on the button below to see our rates and book a room today!


button-get-roomPay with Credit Card


P.S – Thinking of coming with a group of people? Then send us an email at, and we’ll offer you a discount.

What Guests Say About Badladz:

David stayed at the Beach Resort for a few weeks and had a blast. See him talk about his experience in the video below:

“Badladz is one of my favorite places on the planet.

I actually enjoy the place so much I’ve spent 1-2 months living there in the past 2 years. The highlights are the staff, the location, and the food. I’m not overstating it when I say that Badladz has one of the best restaurants for eating Mexican food and local Filipino dishes anywhere in the Philippines.

Puerto Galera is a quiet and relaxing place, but there is plenty of partying to be had just a short ride away from Badladz. ”

Dan Andrews.

“Had to leave a review after another awesome time at Badladz. This was my second time at the beach resort and my eighth time diving with them. This is the only place to stay when in Galera because of the awesome service and great prices. They really make you feel like a king here and are so good at taking care of everything for you. The service is prompt and the food is very tasty.

I can’t say enough great things about this place. ”

Charles C. Salt Lake City, Utah

“Home away from home. Hospitable & Friendly Staff. Relaxing aura all over the place. Good beer.:-) Nice accommodation for normal person. Delicious Food. One of the best.

Charlie Vic Tan

“The name Badladz is somewhat of a misnomer; as there is nothing bad about this resort at all; in fact everything is great; and the experience and surroundings are exactly as advertised.
For an economy priced resort; you get 5 star personalized service; access to a wonderful restaurant serving excellent comfort food; Mexican, Filipino, and some western; and exposure to fantastic views of one of the prettiest little harbors you’ll ever see! ”

Bmct, Vancouver, Canada

“All in all I can recommend Badladz without hesitation. It’s a great place to stay, with an interesting mix of guests. Hope to see you there someday! ”

Mike Stankavich, Makati, Philippines

“There is no place like this one. Badladz has a heart. It is very distinctive from all the resorts in Philippines. The owner is amazing cool guy who is worth meeting. The area around is just incredible. Beaches, palm trees, unbelievable diving spots. I just love it here. I’ll definitely go there again. You’d also love the Mexican restaurant which has one of the best meals I’ve ever tasted in Philippines and the sweetest waitresses. Badladz is very unique and I can’t wait to be there again! ”

Anonymous, Davao, Philippines

“My wife and I have experienced many resorts within the Philippines but our stay at Badladz was the most memorable. The food always well presented, always freshly cooked and always delivered to the table in time for us to eat together. (Not waiting).
The staff always welcoming and helpful to any requests.
The owners Maylene and Sean left nothing to chance to make our stay the best experience. Anything and everything we asked for was arranged. ”

Patrick, Perth, Australia

“I have stayed at Badladz on three occasions totalling about three weeks in all. The place is perfectly situated just minutes walk from Muelle ferry pier and downtown Puerto Galera. The price is right and the rooms are clean and quite with beautiful harbour views from common balcony areas. Above all, the staff are fantastic with excellent local knowledge. I can recommend the place as the perfect a base for Puerto Galera activities.

Alan, Australia

“The staff at Badladz were fun, friendly and great to be around. They are a big part of why I enjoyed my stay so much.

My room was clean, simple and more than adequate. The food at the restaurant totally blew me away, especially the mexican food. It is some of the best I have ever had and this says a lot as I am an avid fan of mexican food. I miss the food already.

Overall it has left a great lasting impression. All these elements came together to create such a unique feel to any other place I have ever stayed. I enjoyed my stay and will find a way to go back soon. ”

Damian, Bangkok, Thailand


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